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'Sing to Change: Boston to Boston' is a cross-Atlantic climate change collaboration uniting young people with a common goal - to raise awareness of the global climate emergency and encourage people to take action in response. The project also creates a professional musical, cultural and social experience for school children.

Boston Children’s Chorus in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) and school children from Boston & East Lindsey in Lincolnshire (UK) met virtually and created a video performance of Dane Myers’ song 'Change'– specially arranged for children. They worked on this project for months, and in March, kids from Boston UK and Boston US watched the debut of the music video together.

Through this project,  we created a legacy of high-quality educational and musical resources for the future, including information on climate change for schools to use as part of their curriculum and, at the end of this project, free scores and arrangements of ‘Change’ for other choirs to use.


Our team of collaborators will also produced a documentary following the project process, choir training and rehearsals, all the way through to the final performance and music video. Our aim is that this legacy video and free resources will inspire other choirs around the world to do something similar.

What is happening?

Boston US

Boston UK

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