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Coastal Erosion with Dr. Sophie Day

photo of Dr. Sophie Day with blurred beach in the background
Dr. Sophie Day

Coastal erosion is a complex issue which involves science, policy and people and

affects some of our most precious coastal places and the communities that live in

those locations.

Talking about how we can manage the changes better in future is really important. Where we are experiencing loss of land through erosion, people’s lives are affected – whether they are residents, business owners or visitors.

We also have to consider the natural environments, heritage, infrastructure and other things that make a place special. Working together to navigate the change is the most important thing.

The Sing to Change project is an important part of this puzzle and

represents a creative way to engage with a complex problem, bringing a sense of joy

and hope to what can often be a difficult and bleak subject. I feel lucky to have been



Sophie is a Senior Research Associate specialising in adaptive coastal

management, with a background in climate change research. She is currently

seconded to North Norfolk District Council in England to support their Coastwise

project which is working with communities to prepare for coastal erosion. 

She kindly gave her time and expertise for an interview which will be included in the


More information about Dr Sophie Day is available using the links below

Instagram - @coastalsophie

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