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Partnership with the National Trust

photo of Dr. Sophie Day with blurred beach in the background

We're thrilled to have the National Trust as a partner for the Sing to Change: Boston 2 Boston project, with teams from local Lincolnshire sites, Gunby Estate and Sandilands offering their support and access to experts on nature and wildlife.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to nature and the historic environment, so it is, understandably, a very important topic to the National Trust, with initiatives and pledges put in place to help tackle issues, including their renewable energy target.

“We're part of the global fight against climate change. It's the single biggest threat to the precious landscapes and historic houses we care for, with wildlife, beaches, woodlands, archaeological sites, historic buildings, gardens and parklands all under threat.

We're adapting to changing weather patterns and working hard to address biodiversity loss and the damage caused by wildfires, heavy rain, increased humidity, high winds, droughts and shifting shores.

Almost three quarters of the most important land in our care is vulnerable to climate change, and we're having to make building alterations to cope with flooding and manage the effects of a changing coastline and rising sea levels.

Rising temperatures are damaging some of the finest paintings in our care, while pests and diseases pose a greater threat to collections, trees and plants. Archaeological discoveries are also in danger of being lost.

We're also tackling the causes of climate change by reducing emissions, caring for the land that captures and stores carbon and advocating Government to adopt policies that will help us all look after the places you love to visit. But the scale of the threat is breathtaking, and we can't do all of this without your help."

The National Trust's environmental pledges:

  • We're planting and establishing 20 million trees by 2030

  • By 2030 we'll be carbon net-zero across our own emissions and those created by our supply chain, our tenanted land and buildings, and investments

  • By 2025 we'll have created and restored 25,000 hectares of new wildlife habitats

  • We'll create green corridors for people and nature near towns and cities



More information about the National Trust and their climate initiatives is available using the links below:

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